Halesin Site Engine

What is the Halesin Site Engine?

The Halesin Site Engine (HSE) is a simple, web-based, dynamic content delivery system. Written in PHP and interfacing with a MySQL database, it combines stability and ease of maintenance for the administrator, with simplicity and flexibility for the operator.

  • With the Halesin Site Engine, you can maintain and add to your website using an interface built into the site itself.
  • A template system allows you to change the look of the entire site with a few simple operations.
  • A set of special tokens allow you to build guestbooks, site searches, feedback forms and other simple dynamic content.
  • You can create groups of users with different permissions, controlling which areas of the site are accessible by each.
  • You can add more specialised functionality to your site by writing PHP 'action scripts' which are automatically called by the HSE at the appropriate times.

Recent Updates

v1.0 completed! (2003-10-28)

(Aside from the documentation, that is...)